LPD Printer Server

LPD short for Line Printer Daemon, is a printer technology that has been around for years.  What makes LPD stand out as a great printing protocol is it’s simplicity.  Major printer vendors tried to move away from LPD towards a newer technology like IPP (Internet Printing Protocol).  But inspite of their effors LPD remains a top technology for printing.  Why? Because of it’s simplicity.  LPD doesn’t require an http server or an snmp server. LPD requests are rather straight forward and simple.

LPD support can be found in almost all network printers from all brands, HP, Epson, IBM, Ricoh, Lexmark, Dell, etc.  LPD clients or LPR clients are found in most all operating systems. From IBM Mainframes, and Midrange iSeries serviers to Desktop PCs running Windows or Linux.  Builtin support even exists for Macintosh computers.

So What can an LPD Print Server do for you?   Besides just recieving print jobs?  Well that depends mostly on your Business processes, and your goals.  Are you looking to archive your print jobs for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements?  Are you looking to Print from IBM Mainframes or IBM AS/400 (iSeries, Midrange) servers?  Are you looking to print in a Windows/Linux/Macintosh mixed environment?  Are you looking to get rid of your Printers all together?  Many of these goals can all be accomplished with a good LPD Printer Server.


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