Hand, Foot & Body Cream

So I recently purchased some Hand Cream from Habé Naturals. I have to say, “It’s pretty good.”

They offered free shipping, and I was impressed with how quickly it came to my door.  For an all natural product, it didn’t have a foul smell or anything.  It’s  got a simple lemon/tee tree oil type smell. It’s really pretty subtle. So it doesn’t stink at all.  It’s a natural based cream.  The primary ingredient is Olive oil.  Which is pretty cool, cause after washing my hands, I don’t have to re apply any lotion.  My hands don’t feel oily, rather they feel moisturized and nice.  Which is great because my hands tend to get pretty cracked in the winter times, when it’s so dry outside.

My wife is trying it out on her cracked heals.  I’ll have to let you know how that goes.




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