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Idaho Falls Fire Damage Restoration

So, your house burned down, now you need it repaired.  If you live in Idaho Falls, call Tobin Cleaning & Restoration or visit there website for more information on Idaho Falls Fire Damage Restoration.


LPD Printer Server

LPD short for Line Printer Daemon, is a printer technology that has been around for years.  What makes LPD stand out as a great printing protocol is it’s simplicity.  Major printer vendors tried to move away from LPD towards a newer technology like IPP (Internet Printing Protocol).  But inspite of their effors LPD remains a […]


How to create photo gallery website?

So, how do you create a photo gallery website?  First off, if you don’t have a web server to host your images you’ll want to read up on Web Hosting. There are a few ways to create a photo gallery website. I’m going to describe how to create a photo gallery website